Hello and Blessings

This has already been a year that we will not forget, the world is definitely not the same as the one we remember before March 15. Our church, our community, and our world have been altered, but we know that for “those who love God, all things are for good” (Romans 8:28).

We had to be diligent and stay in our homes to protect our health, and we, as a Community Church, continued our mission to “guide people to a better life on earth and secure a place in heaven” while spreading the Word of God without interruption through digital media. Thank God the time to return is at hand and we are getting ready to do it safely, reliably and in accordance with the health recommendations of local and federal authorities.

We know you have questions, please take a few minutes to read the information that we will share below:


People with immune system problems, in high risk categories, with pre-existing respiratory conditions and older adults, are invited to continue enjoying worship services through the internet.

Also, if you have had contact with someone or suspect that you have been in contact with a person with COVID-19 or if you have symptoms of a respiratory disease or are ill, we invite you to stay home and enjoy the online services, which will be broadcasted live in social media and web page.


  • We will re-start our worship meetings at the Iglesia Community temple, starting on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

  • To attend, you must register in advance through the internet, on our website. Electronic registration will be available until there are no more spaces in the worship service you want to attend.
  • For all those present in the temple, in any of the services, the “Social Distance” will be practiced, for which:

    • The number of attendees will be limited by service.

    • There will be an attendance check-in at the entrance according to the list of people registered by service hours as registered in advance online.

    • For all attendees body temperature will be taken with special devices, avoiding direct contact.

    • Seats will be distributed and spaced according to the rules of “Social Distance”
    • All people must without exception wear face masks.


  • The services will also be broadcast live (“Live”) through Iglesia Community’s social media and website,
  • The “high frequency touch” surfaces and common areas (handles, handrails, toilets, sinks) will be sanitized and disinfected after every service and prior to the next.

  • There will be hand sanitizer stations distributed in the common areas and at the entrance.

  • Access to the building (entrance) and evacuation after worship service (exit) will be different. Please follow the instructions provided by the Community Church team.

  • There will be no food and no food will be allowed on the temple premises.
  • Restrooms will be open, but they can only be used by a maximum of two people at the same time.

  • Tithes and offerings can be made electronically, through:
    • Text message to the number (844) 769-1930 with the word “Give”
    • By Zelle® to the email

  • People who attend one of the services may also make their Tithes and Offerings through envelopes that they can deposit directly in boxes located in specific areas in the temple. This will be done personally, that is, each person collects the envelope, prepares it and deposits it in one of the boxes.

  • Small groups during the week, regularly held in private homes or in halls or temple facilities (connection groups, prayer groups, Academies and any other training, courses, seminars or classes) must continue digitally (Video conference or media social) until further notice.
  • Community Kids services will only be available online, on our website, until further notice.

All the above information is valid until further notice. We are constantly monitoring the safety guidelines and health recommendations of the local and federal authorities. Any changes will be made public on the Iglesia Community website


  • We recommend you continue with hygiene practices, not only at church, but in any public place and in your home. These hygiene practices include, but are not limited to:
    • Constantly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
    • If you must sneeze, do it on a paper towel or facial tissue (tissue) and throw them away immediately. If you don’t have a paper towel or face towel, sneeze inside your elbow, completely covering your mouth.
    • If soap and water are not available, use “Hand Sanitizer” constantly, with a minimum alcohol content of 60%


  • As a team member, you probably have some questions.  Following are the most frequent:

    1-  If I am serving, where do I leave my personal belongings?

  • At the current stage, there is no place to leave your belongings while you serve.  Therefore, we recommend leaving them in a hidden place inside your car. Remember to lock your car.

    2- ¿Can I take food for me, like a snack? 

  • No. You can not bring any type of food inside the church. In addition, there won’t be any snack provided by the church. The water fountains will be closed.

    3- I have small children, and I want to serve. Will there be Community Kids open?

  • No.  If this is your case, we recommend that you enjoy our online services at home, and we will notify you as soon as Community kids opens. You can also come with your family to receive (not serve), but ALL must register. Please, take into consideration the requirements for the families with young children.

    4- If I am registered to serve, and I am coming with my family, do they need to register as well? 

  • Yes. Every person must register to be able to come and attend service. We won’t be able to allow anyone in the temple that has not registered prior to coming to church.

    5- Will there be a security team during service? 

  • Yes, the Security team will be servicing in all services.  

    5- Will the parking area at the Ford be open? 

  • Not for now. It won’t be available for now.

    6- When we are parking, do we need to leave a parking space between cars parked? 

  • No.  You can normally park your car.  There will be a team serving in the parking lot available to let you know where to park.  Please, do not make groups of people in the parking area.  Practice safe distancing.

    7- If I serve in more than one service, do I need to register for each service? 

  • Yes.  In the registration to serve you can choose more than one service.  This is the way to register to more than one service.

    8-  Will all the Departments of Team Members will be serving during this come back phase? 

  • No. Only some team member departments will be active at this stage. Please, keep in constant communication with your Department Director so you can find out when your department will be required to serve.  This will depend on the plans to open progressively our church.

    9- Will the church building have signs that will allow the social distancing required?

  • Yes, All common spaces are properly labeled, including the areas where lines need to be made to enter following all protocole rules that we are implementing. These are the guidelines are local and federal guidelines for re-opening.

    9- How often will the temple be cleaned and disinfected? 

  • Our temple will be meticulously disinfected and cleaned after each service.  This includes our lobby, the bathrooms, high traffic areas and chairs.